Radial NMB Bearing Set: TLR 8ight-X 2.0 XE 2.0

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  • NMB Quality And Construction
  • Stainless Steel Material
  • Precise Tolerances
  • Available In Sets For Multiple Vehicles


Rolling free is very important anytime a vehicle hits the racetrack. The bearings in an RC vehicle need to be quality, precise, and durable enough to stand-up to the rigorous demands of national and world class racing events. The JConcepts Radial bearing kits are built to last with NMB bearing quality, stainless steel materials, and precise tolerances. Available in a wide variety of sets to meet different kit demands, the Radial bearings are packed with care, backed with racing heritage, customer support, and RC dedication.

Recently, Ryan Maifield TQ’ed and won the 1/8th Pro Buggy class at the largest RC event on record at the 2022 Psycho Nitro Blast in White Pine, Tennessee using the new JConcepts Radial bearings.