ARAG1023 AR390214 BLX3660 3200kV Brshls 10th 4-Pole Mtr 4x4

A beautifully etched black aluminum motor can provides a premium look, while a 4 pole internal configuration keeps the power supply smooth and consistent - Gold bullet connectors ensure fast and easy wire removal when you need to clean your vehicle - The aluminum motor can provides increased heat dissipation via the finned body section


Motor Type Brushless
Motor kV (# of Turns for brushed) 3200V
Poles 4 Pole
Motor Length 60mm / 2.36"
Diameter 30mm / 1.18"
Shaft Length 18.5mm / 0.73"
Shaft Diameter 5mm / 0.2"
Motor Mounting Hole Diameter M3
Motor Cable Length (Including Connector) 45mm / 1.77"
Motor Connector Diameter 4mm / 0.16"
Motor Weight 289g / 9.18 oz


1 x BLX 3660kV Brushless Motor


Recommended for use with #AR390069

*Please contact us to place order for this product if it is sold out at the moment.