ARA480045 Rear Wing And Roof Skids Set

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This Rear Wing and Roof Skid Set is molded from tough composite material and provides the perfect set of replacement parts for your kit items


Wing features aggressive styling that provides awesome stability at high speeds and consistent control when cornering on all surfaces - Tough injection molded material for long-lasting durability - Mounting holes in the corners of the back edge of the wing allow sacrificial screws to be fitted that reduce wear from upside-down action - Molded parts are fitted to both sides of the body to spread the load from impacts, increasing durability of the body - Special double socket screws can be removed from either side, allowing their removal when the head of the screw is worn down


1 x Wing

2 x Roof Skids

2 x Wing Support Plates

2 x Rook Skid Support Plates

10 x M4 x 10mm Double Socket Button Head Screw

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