ARA480040 1/7th Scale Body Accessories Set A

Precision molded from high-quality composite material for intricate detail - Contains a variety of turbo-charger, super-charger, air intake, intercooler and exhaust parts to allow you to customize the look of your vehicle - Parts supplied in black, grey and black chrome finishes - Designed to be attached with screws from inside the body for secure fit - Internal protective washers included - Highly detailed decals included


1 x Supercharger Body (Grey)

1 x Supercharger Front End Cap (Grey)

1 x Supercharger Pulley and Belt (Black)

1 x Bug Catcher A (Black Chrome)

1 x Bug Catcher B (Black Chrome)

1 x Throttle Bodies (Grey)

4 x Intake Trumpet (Black)

2 x Turbo Front (Bell Inlet) (Grey)

2 x Turbo Rear (Downturned Exhaust) (Black)

1 x Intake Plenum (Grey)

1 x Rear Exhaust (Black Chrome)

1 x Intercooler (Grey)

2 x Body Accessory Washer (Grey)

2 x Turbo Body Washer (Grey)

1 x Body Accessory Stepped Washer (Black)

2 x Rear Surface Exhaust (Black)

1 x Quick Fill Fuel Filler (Black)

2 x Surface Exhaust Stepped Washer (Black)

1 x Lexan Engine Cover Fixing Plate (Grey)

1 x Body Accessory Set Decals

*Please contact us to place order for this product if it is sold out at the moment.