Spektrum DX6 Rugged 6-Channel DSMR Transmitter with SR515 Receiver

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The Spektrum™ DX6 Rugged™ 6-channel surface system redefines radio control with unmatched innovation in durability that no off-roader, basher, or boater will want to be without. The result is precision control, convenience, and “rugged” versatility.

In The Box
  • (1) DX6 Rugged 6-channel Surface Transmitter
  • (1) SR515 DSMR 5-Channel Sport Receiver
  • (1) Product Manual
Needed to Complete
  • (4) AA Transmitter Batteries

Your vehicles are extremely durable. Why isn’t your transmitter? The Spektrum™ DX6 Rugged™ 6-channel surface transmitter redefines radio control with a level of durability to match the tough conditions off-roaders, bashers, and boaters encounter constantly. Like its predecessor, the DX5 Rugged, it features superb ergonomics. The result is a class-leading RC system with unmatched durability and other innovative features that unite with precision, versatility, and convenience you won’t want to drive without.

To conquer the wild, the DX6 Rugged gives you 6-channel versatility and hosts an array of auxiliary switches for lights, winches, mixes, and more. Its interface features a new innovative capacitive-touch control panel that offers a greater resistance to moisture and is easy to use. Simply tap to access the control panel and select the menus, options, and values. Additionally, we’ve added a backlight to the easy-to-read LCD display, offering unparalleled brightness and clarity even in the harshest conditions. Integrated telemetry capability** lets you view vital data such as motor RPM, vehicle speed, battery voltage, and temperature on the transmitter in real-time. Plus, the integrated USB-C Port delivers hassle-free firmware updates for uninterrupted functionality.

Molded Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) bumpers surround the radio chassis to protect it against drops, bumps, and scrapes along the way. There’s no external antenna to snag or worry about—a low-profile ridge on the chassis internally protects the robust high-speed signal output. A versatile front chassis guard enhances durability further and provides mounting options for user-integrated accessories such as a camera, light source, or anything else. The pair of lanyard mounting points allows drivers to keep the transmitter close and gain a free hand when not driving. An easy-access accessory compartment makes it possible to carry small tools, such as a T-wrench that easily snaps into the internal mount provided. We increased transmitter water-resistance* to give drivers peace of mind in rainy or wet conditions. Last but not least is an aggressive off-road style steering wheel that expands its ruggedness. It also includes an innovative thumb lever to make controlling your vehicle with one hand safer and more precise.

No matter what you’re driving, you can easily tune the AVC® technology programming on the DX6 Rugged to meet your skill level or driving style with control that makes it feel like you’re at the wheel of a vehicle that handles predictably at every speed.


  • Advanced programming features, with new Tap User Interface Panel
  • All-new backlit LED Display makes it easier to see your screen in day or night
  • Bold styling that’s aggressive with a focus on class-leading durability
  • Smart Technology compatible out of the box
  • Six fully proportional channels
  • Ergonomic options for tailoring the transmitter to your feel
  • Water-resistant* chassis design protects against minor splashes
  • Dual lanyard mounts provide radio safety and accessibility
  • Surrounded rubber-bumper chassis protection
  • Built-in front chassis guard offers user-inspired accessory mounting options
  • Multiple mixing setups, including Motor on Axle (MOA)
  • DSMR® 2.4GHz technology (backward compatible with DSM2®)
  • 5.5-Millisecond frame rate with compatible receivers
  • USB Connectivity for firmware updates and game controller
  • Intuitive software based on user-tested functionality that’s clean and simple
  • Innovative thumb-steering lever makes one-hand operation safer and more precise
  • Non-slip removable rubber hand grip and treaded steering wheel
  • Built-in telemetry
  • Convenient built-in tool storage compartment
  • Programmable vibe alerts
  • Program and fine-tune compatible receivers with AVC® technology
  • Includes the compact Spektrum SR515, 5-channel DSMR sport receiver
  • Compatible with DSM2® receivers
  • 20-Model memory
Updated Capacitive Interface
Updated Capacitive Interface

We’ve updated our capacitive interface to allow a tap instead of a swipe. This makes the panel much easier to use, and the sensitivity can be adjusted easily inside the radio’s programming. This new interface was also designed to operate flawlessly in a variety of environmental conditions.


New Back-Lit Display
New Back-Lit Display

The DX6 Rugged’s new backlit LCD display helps users navigate the intuitive software easily in any setting. The display is excellent for seeing your radio in the dark, and it stands out even in the brightest conditions.


Unmatched Durability
Unmatched Durability

Starting with a chassis based on a superb Spektrum ergonomic design, we were inspired by the punishment capability of cordless power tools. We translated their engineering to the specific needs of the RC driver. The result is a shock-absorbing rubberized bumper design that surrounds the transmitter chassis to form a level of protection never offered before on a surface transmitter.

*The DX6 Rugged instruction manual details water resistance limitations.


Aggressive Styling
Aggressive Styling

The DX6 Rugged stands out as a transmitter platform that means business handling the wildest terrain, the toughest conditions, and the fiercest competition without worry. That’s why we designed durability hand-in-hand with convenience. A built-in side compartment offers tool storage, and two lanyard mounts (one rubber, one molded into the chassis) are supplied so you can be hands-free instantly.


Inspired Ergonomics
Inspired Ergonomics

The ergonomically recognized DX5 Rugged paved the way for giving the DX6 Rugged a feel any driver could appreciate. Its overall low weight offers all-day driving with minimal fatigue, while the non-slip rubber grip and trigger-throttle action offer a precision experience that feels natural.


Versatile Chassis Guard
Versatile Chassis Guard

The front chassis guard is built-in to increase durability further and allow users to self-integrate personal accessories and/or features such as a camera or light source—the sturdy guard itself and its mounting points are at your disposal.


Breakthrough Steering Control
Breakthrough Steering Control

The aggressive off-road steering wheel tread helps the precision of Spektrum technology to deliver a tactile feel, even if you’re crawling, bashing, or boating in harsh conditions. The integrated thumb-lever makes it possible to steer one-handed safely and with a higher level of precision.


Easy to Program
Easy to Program

Programming the DX6 Rugged is simple. An intuitive interface makes navigating menus and changing settings easy. Most users can complete complex programming tasks without looking at the manual. Plus, the integrated USB-C Port delivers hassle-free firmware updates.


Built-In Telemetry
Built-In Telemetry

The built-in telemetry capability provides real-time information on your vehicle’s battery voltage, signal quality, and motor temperature.** Using the audio-tone alert system, you can program the DX6 Rugged to notify you when specific telemetry values reach or exceed your defined limits.

**Vehicle must be equipped with a telemetry-enabled receiver like the SR6000T (sold separately)


5-Channel Receiver Included
5-Channel Receiver Included

Built around frequency-agile DSMR® technology, the included Spektrum™ SR515 5-channel receiver delivers superb range and response, especially in places where many 2.4GHz systems are in use at once. Unbeatable signal security in a small, modern package makes this sport receiver a top pick. Plus, we integrated a versatile bind button, making it easy to bind without needing a bind plug.


Frequency-Agile DSMR® Technology
Frequency-Agile DSMR® Technology

The DX6 Rugged is built around frequency-agile DSMR 2.4GHz technology. This exclusive Spektrum™ technology can be used in any surface application, including boats. Its range and response, particularly in noisy 2.4GHz environments, are superb. It’s also backward compatible with DSM2® and marine-specific Spektrum receivers. This means most longtime Spektrum users can continue using their existing receivers. You’ll only need to upgrade if you want the frequency-agility of a DSMR receiver for busy 2.4GHz environments.


AVC® (Active Vehicle Control™) Programming
AVC® (Active Vehicle Control™) Programming

The DX6 Rugged allows custom-tuning an AVC system by providing easy access to dedicated adjustments. In addition, Rugged’s open channels can be used to adjust the AVC steering and throttle systems independently. No matter what you’re driving, AVC technology can enhance your driving skills with control, making it feel like you’re driving a finely tuned vehicle that handles predictably at every speed.